martes, 12 de julio de 2016

Alvaro Jara Ruiz Sports 05/07

Sports Week Two

Last Tuesday we had sports at the school.

The boys were playing ping pong from three o'clock to four o'clock. Two tournaments were played. Alvaro Jara won the first tournament and the other tournament was won by Ruben. Ping pong was very funny. Everyone had lots of fun playing this.

After the boys played football. Spain vs Italy, in this match Spain won 7-3. The boys played football from four o'clock to five o'clock. They played on the astro-turf because it was not raining

The girls started the sports by playing volleyball and then basketball.
Volleyball was boring so then the girls went to the art and crafts room. They made some collages. The collage is a composition of paper from magazines and books. The art teacher gave the girls magazines, coloured paper and different patterns. With those they had to go picking pieces of paper and sticking them together onto a card to do creative drawing. Some girls said it was difficult to think of an idea for their picture but the teacher gave them some ideas to help. They said it was fun.

By Alvaro Jara Ruiz

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