jueves, 7 de julio de 2016

Amor Burgos Herance: Glendalough


On Saturday, we went to a park located in a village called Rathdrum. We ate the packed lunch there and we stayed there to have a good time. 

Then we went by bus to Glendalough, it's a valley where there was a community of monks located in the county of Wicklow, and it was created by Saint Kevin in the 6th century. Now it is in ruins. Also there are two lakes, one bigger than the other. Ruben, Miguel, Alexandra and Sara were walking for around 15 minutes until they arrived to the smallest lake which was wonderful.     


An old cemetery, the churches and the round tower are all that is left. The bells were rung five times a day to call for pray and the tower was used to protect the monks when soldiers came to fight with them. Victor explained to us that they used the round tower to hide the monk's treasures from bad people such as thieves. While we were finishing the visit of the cemetery it started to rain a lot so we could not go walking. Instead we went to the museum near that old monastery.

In the museum, we saw a video that explained the story of Glendalough and the monastery.
After that, the boys were playing a football match with other boys from Italy. The Italians were cheating but our team won. While that was happening the girls were talking and sitting on the grass.

In the evening after having  dinner, some boys went to the park. They played football while Sofia, Lucía, Valentina and Sarah went for a walk in the park and they saw the Rose Gardens. They told me that the Rose Gardens were beautiful.

By Amor Burgos Herance

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