martes, 19 de julio de 2016

Juan Quereda Bermejo: Film Review

Film Review 

Independence Day

This film is about a war. The war it's humans vs aliens. The war is for the independence.In this war the aliens used  advance technology and the humans have got many problems with this technology. When the people think that the war it's for aliens, the human got involved in the war and destroy the queen alien after lots of trouble. At the end of the movie the girlfriend of the main character thought that he  died  but he left his ship when the war had finished and she hugged him.The actor is very good because in the movie he represented a very good and difficult character. The special effects are very good because the aliens looked very real!I think that the best part it's when the war finishes, the happy human's face, and the romantic part. It's a very good ending.My opinion it's that it's a very good movie because the movie represented a story of overcoming difficulties. The other students shared the same opion as me and said it was a very good film. I recommended this movie because it's very beautiful but I think that it's a movie for children over 7 years old.

By Juan Quereda Bermejo

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