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Lucia Sanchez: Bray

Sunday 3rd July: Bray

Last Sunday, we went to a town called Bray.
During the Medieval ages, Bray was part of a district of the British Crown which center was Dublin.
In 18th century, Bray was a village of fishermen.

The creation of the first railway station in Ireland was in 1834. When the city was connected to Dublin in 1855 the city returned to experience new growth. Quickly, Bray became the main seaside resort on the East coast of Ireland.

In Bray there is a hill.  At the top of the hill there is a cross which was placed there in 1950 during holy week. Every Good Friday, hundreds of local people climb to the top of the hill in a Good Friday procession marking the Stations of the Cross as they go along, with the final station being held at the holy week cross.

When we arrived we went to a little market and some students bought presents to bring home. The group was divided into 3 groups during the trip.
All the boys were in a park near the sea playing football and later they bought an ice  cream.
A group of girls including me stayed in the town. We walked around the sea and the streets and we went into a children's casino. We enjoyed it a lot and some people won things. It was very good. Later we went to buy some ice creams.
The other group of students with the teacher walked around the Hill to arrive and see the cross.
They said to me it was incredible, fun and very beautiful. They enjoyed the trip and they saw a lot of vegetation and animals.


So, I think this trip was really good and we enjoyed it a lot. I had a great time.

By Lucia Sanchez Conde

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