miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016

Paula Gonzalez del Pozo , Dublinia


On Monday morning we went to Dublinia, which is on the city centre. Sarah gave us a quiz about questions and activities of Dublinia. We had to complete sentences and hear stories about the history. 

Dublinia is a historical museum focusing on the Viking and Medieval history of the city. There are actors playing the roles of Vikings and Medieval Dubliners. Also, inside there are medieval buildings, houses, streets...
 The exhibition has three levels where people can visit more of Dublinia in different rooms. Level 1 is called Viking Dublin,  level 2 is called Medieval Dublin and finally,  level 3 is called History Hunters. The exhibition was opened in 1993 and was redeveloped in 2010 at a cost of €2 million. The museum attracts over 125.000 visitors per year.

We had a great time in Dublinia, it was a very nice and funny day! 

Some students went to go for a walk in the evening after having dinner. They were walking next to the Liffey. There was magnificent views

: Paula Gonzalez del Pozo

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