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Ruben Garcia Villarino: Our Trip to Dublin, A Summary

Trip to Dublin 

This trip has finished so this is going to be like a summary of all this holiday.I don't know what part of the trip was the worst, whether the first day or whether the last day. Because on the first day most of us didn't know each other, but on the other hand on the last day, when we have to say goodbye to our trip mates, our classmates, our teachers or the staff we met, I'm sure that it is the most difficult part. However, we will have very good memories about this trip.

During these three weeks we have gone to a lot of trips and the days that we hadn't planned any trip we stayed in the school doing sports, watching films or doing art and craft. Every Thursday we used to go to the disco except the last Thursday when we decided to go on Tuesday because it was overcrowded. Although the disco wasn't big enough and it was overcrowded we had fun and we made a lot of new friends like the Spanish students of feyda and the shefield groups. 

Every Friday was dedicated to shopping. Shopping streets were Henry Street and O'Connell Street. Almost everyday the group met after having dinner at the park beside the school, and once there we decided what to do, whether stay there or whether go to the seafront and get an ice cream.

The first day was an orientation day, where we went to the city centre to know the centre. The rest of the week we went to the Aviva Stadium, where the Irish national team plays; also we went to Howth, a village in the Dublin Bay, to complete a quiz by asking local people questions; and we also went to the disco in the Clontarf Rugby Club. 

Despite the fact that the weather wasnt the best, the first weekend we went to Wicklow to sightsee the village and to visit the prison, a prison that now is restored and is not in use. It was one of the most used prisions during the 18th century; and after that we went to Glendalough which means "the lake in the valley", and it is in the Wicklow Valley. 

The first Sunday we went to bray, a village on the other coast of the bay, where there was a second-hand shop and a lot of ice-cream shops. Although Richard had to leave the trip, we managed to carry on with the trip.

During the second week we went to dublinia, a kind of history museum where we completed a quiz about the history of Ireland; and we also went to the cinema because we wanted to watch a film in English. Some of the students decide to watch The Secret Life of Pets and the other part of the group, where I'm included, decided to watch Independence Day 2. I didn't really like it because I was a little bit tired and I fell asleep. 

The day after the cinema we went to Howth to take part in a sport that until then it was unknown to all the group, I'm talking about footgolf. Footgolf is a variant of golf in where instead of using golf sticks and small golf balls we used our legs and footballs. 

On the second weekend we went to Kilkenny, a village located on the southeast part of the country, in the province of Leinster. We visited the castle and the cathedral and after that we went to a zip line park in a nearby forest. That Sunday instead of going on a trip, we decided to go shopping through O'Connell street.

In the last week we went to the wax museum that is in the city centre so we took advantage of it and did some sightseeing. Although the museum wasn't very well made we enjoyed the visit. We also went to on a cruise through Dublin Bay. We got in the ferry in Howth and we finished the cruise at the same point. The last weekend was the best from my point of view. On Saturday we went to malahide, where we practised sailing and kayaking. The weather was great, a sunny day, but the water was a little bit cold. After that we had a walk to the castle, and there we ate our lunch and visited the castle. In our last day in Dublin we went to the final match of the Gaelic football tournament, Dublin versus Westmith. Dublin won 25-10. And after the match we went to howth to eat some traditional beshopps' fish and chips.

By Ruben Garcia Villarno

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