lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

Sara Sanchez Sanz: Friday 1st July

Shopping In Dublin - Friday 1st July

Last Friday, we were shopping in the center of Dublin on Henry street.

We arrived at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and we were split into groups formed by three or four people.
We met with Richard and Sarah at the Spire at 5 o'clock so we had 2 hours to see things.  Richard told us, that it was better if we didn't buy anything the first day, and we could compare different prices and buy the cheaper price the next day.
On Henry street, there are a lot of famous shops, between them, there is Carroll's, a shop where most tourists buy souvenirs, also, there is a big shopping center.
Finally, we met with Sarah, but suddenly it started to rain, so we had to wait five minutes to leave for the train station.

The afternoon was so fun and I enjoyed it a lot!
I can't wait for the next day!

By Sara Sanchez Sanz

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