miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016

Sofia Arribas Frias , Irish Dancing

Irish  Dancing

Last Wednesday after dinner we went to an auditorium, to see a typical dance of Ireland called Irish dancing. 

Irish dancing is traditional dance which  originated  in Ireland and includes a group of dancers 

When we were in the auditorium, four musicians ; two boys and two girls, told us what kind of instruments they played. 

One of the instruments played was the Concertina it is an instrument that was invented in 1829. The concertina is like a small accordion. 

The Bodhran its an instrument that is similar to a drum. 

I they used a guitar and a violin in the performance

When the girls were dancing some people stood up and danced 

with them too , we had a very good time. 

When the performance finished we were  very tired so we took the train  back home. 

We had a very good  time

BY: Sofia  Arribas Frias 

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