jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

valentina mendivil, city center and Monday 17th July

City center and St.Annes


Yesterday we went to Grafton street to go shopping

We made two groups, boys on one side  and girls on 

the other.

We didn't come back until 4:00p.m with Niall We 

didn't got  home at 5:00

Soccer ballBasketball and hoop
SPORTS DAYSoccer ballBasketball and hoop

On Monday we did sports. Boys did football 

and some girls did volley-ball or nothing. The boys 

played in the football pitch and some girls went 

to see them. 

After this we get back to the games room, there 

boys of the group were playing table tennis.

Today we met at 7:00 pm at the park with Sarah, 

Some people didn't come. We walked through the 

park. We were in the park, Álvaro was the first to go 

on the swing. He laughed a lot, He was laughing all 

the time. Later we went to another park,  everyone 

went on the zip line except for me, Irene didn't want 

to do it, but she was convinced in the end. I was the

 only who didn't do  it. After this we went to a 

different park and we had to climb through a few 

ropes and I fell. I fell twice, after the drop my bum  

hurt a little. We walked back  home, at the park gate 

each one took their way to arrive home. 

by: Valentina Mendivil

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