viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Victor Garcia Barrientos escribe para el blog - Orientation Tour

Orientation Tour

First day in Dublin:

We began our day at school, with a meeting with Niall, Richard and Sarah. Then, we went to our classes to learn more English, we were there 3 hours.

After that, we had lunch at school and then we took the bus to go to the city center. We were going to visit Saint Stephen's Green, a park. It was really interesting.

Later, we were walking on a famous street in Dublin called Grafton Street, where we could see some buskers playing music or street painters making pictures about space with spray cans. 
We also went next to Temple Bar and Sarah took some photos there.

We crossed the half penny bridge. It's name is because, years ago, you had to pay half a penny to pass from the poor part of the city to the rich one, so only poor people had to pay money.

After crossing the bridge, there was a statue that Richard explained to us who he was. He was a famous Irish poet called James Joyce.

We went back home and after dinner we went for a walk near the river, and we bought some ice creams.

By Victor Garcia Barrientos

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  1. Nice story Victor; so I understand rich people did not need to pay when crossing the bridge to the poor part, but what if they wanted to go back home? :)