domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

29th of June - Sports and the Disco (Marta Sánchez Prudencio)

June 29th was sports and the disco.
In the first and second hours we had classes where we learnt english and did some projects.

After finishing the class, we go to a room where we can eat and after eating as it is the day of sport we can do all kinds of sport such as: basketball, playing  football, table tennis and board games.

The boys chose to play football but it rained so they came inside and played some table tennis. Jorge and Jesus played draughts with Sarah and some of the boys played some board games with Pilar. Ines, Mario, Celia and some others played basketball. Many of us chose to watch a movie.

Jose and Luis taking it very SERIOUSLY!

Mario shoots and he scores!

Playing football (as usual)

After we went to our house where we ate dinner and showered.
Then there was a disco where we went to dance .
We all had a great time and had a lot of fun.
Then we 
all went home very happy.

At the disco

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