martes, 4 de julio de 2017

A day in Bray (Celia López Sánchez)

Sunday was free for everyone. Some people in our group, just like me, decided to attend mass in a church near our school. It was the first time that we all attended mass in English and was difficult for us to understand it (we understood almost everything).

While we were attending mass, the others stayed at home with their host family, waiting for the meeting at SuperValue. After we were all at the meeting point, we took the train as often, and after many train stops we arrived in Bray (except Jimena, who went to Howth with her host family).

In Bray

As we had free time in Bray, my friends and I went for a walk to Brays Head with Sarah who walked really fast for me. It was a long walk and took us so much time but it was worth it since the views from the top were astounding and the weather was perfect. However, there were too many insects and people.

Celia & Ines

Ines, Celia, Monica & Martha on the way to the top!
The view from the top

When we arrived to Bray's beach, we ate an ice cream,took some photos for Instagram and finally met at the meeting point.At the end of the trip, we went back home, relaxed and had dinner.

The final plan was to meet some italians in the park near the school. We played cards and football with them. I think that Sunday has been my favourite day of the first week because there were many things to do and we have made lots of friends.

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