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A Day in Malahide by Jesus Sanchez

Well, today we have been in Malahide castle. It's a castle of the Talbot family. One guide showed us the castle and told us about the legends of the castle. One that I really enjoyed is one called Puck and I'm going to tell you a little bit of this legend:

In the 16th century, the Talbots always have a jester. "Puck" who was one of these jesters fell in love with a kinswoman of Lady Elenora Fitzgerald, who was kept at the Castle by Henry VIII because of her rebel acts. The legend says that the Puck died because of a broken heart. Before he died he swore that he would haunt the Castle.
Malahide Castle

After visiting the castle, we went to Fingal Sailing School and we practised kayaking and paddle surf.

We also played some water games. My favourite was one called warriors, in which we tried to throw our friends from their boards. We also had a competition between us and we ran over the boards and jumped into the water. It was very entertaining and funny but the water was very cold.

The Boys!

Following on from that, we had lunch all together in front of the castle and we slept all together on the grass. We spent an hour and half there relaxing and talking between us. Then it started to rain and we went back in the dart to our houses. 

At half past seven, we met at the park to go for a walk. We played on the zip line and it was very fun. Also we recorded a video with some questions about the trip that we are doing.

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