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Dublin Bay Cruise (Monica Soneira)

Wednesday 12th, this experience is standing on the edge, but it's far from over. We are starting to talk about our home and a mixture of feelings; of sadness, homesickness and anxiety is dancing in this never ending Irish rain. Although today, we were very lucky to get a sunny morning and afternoon. 

Taking the advantage of this, we went on a kind of cruise around Howth and its islands, but I won't go that quickly and start talking about what the trip by ship was like, but how we got there.

It was 12:45 a nice time to have lunch (here it is) and we were meant to leave the school at 1 o'clock, well everything right, but we are forgeting something, aren't we? Yes, lunch. Of course we tried to have lunch even though we knew it was impossible to be ready at 1 o'clock, but that is how we are. Swallowing food and choking, perfect pictured. Anyway, we left the school running and saying goodbye to Dan (Sarah's secret lover) who was going to Spain today. While we were running through the street someone shouted : "The train leaves in 6 minutes, if we miss it we are not going to be able to take the boat on time". We ran until we reached the train, were we on time? Fortunately we were. 

The train was crowded, it seemed to be no empty seats, but we managed to find some. It's amazing to be in the train, look through the window and see the monumental sea expands through the whole place , and it is even much more amazing for people who can't see the sea very often because they live in a city with nothing but a polluted river (like us).

We arrived to Howth and we had lunch sat on the green grass with the sun shining and a clear blue sky above us. At 14:00, we took the boat to go on the tour throughout the islands and those landscapes were some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The sun was reflected on the sea and sometimes some seals broke the surface and jumped so we could take photos. The first island we saw was the Ireland's Eye which was quite similar to the one in Wii Sport Resorts and in which there were a lot of seagulls flying crazily. The second one, was the Lamby Island, very interesting as well. It's the largest one. 

Ines, Celia & Monica enjoying the views

When the tour was finished some of us decided to have a typical 99 ice cream while others prefered to have some fish and chips. After all the food was eaten and all the seals went to sleep, we came back home.

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