miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Dublinia (Mario Martin Galan)

Today started like the other days. We met at the school at 9:00 with our group. At 9:30, the classes started until 12:45.

After having lunch we left school and we went to the city center to visit the museum Dublinia, a museum which talks about the different historical steps in Dublin. 

Resultado de imagen de dublinia

It looks so small outside the museum but inside it's so big. It's divided in three different levels.

The first level talks about the Vikings in Dublin, their language, religion and culture. Then the second level talks about Medieval Dublin, especially their economy. And finally, the third level talks about history, hunters, the archaeologists.

My favorite part was the quiz that we have to do at the museum. We had some questions about the museum and we had to find the answers, for example one of the questions was that we had to write our name in viking runes.
Writing our names

It was so fun! I really enjoyed it.

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