sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

Host Families and English Classes (Maria Cañadilla)

We have already finished the trip after 3 weeks. We have had exciting weeks together with families and people from other countries, all learning English. The families in general have been very good since every day they prepared the food for us to take it to school and they always made us dinner. They are very friendly, fun and affectionate. And they always tried to talk to us so we can express ourselves better in English.

After school we have become very good friends, since in the classes there are people from all over the world, and together we learn English. These classes are very fun, because we play games and at the same time we learn and study. The teachers are great at teaching and are very loving. They prepare a party every Thursday night called "disco" where we can make more friends there. The school is super well-ordered, and the activities and classes as well.

Our group of Spaniards have been together every day, we are a big group but we get along well, and we have had fun times and we would repeat it a thousand times!

All of us!

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