sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

Monday 10th July (Irene Lopez Romo)

Today we went to class like we usually do every day. When the classes had finished, we had lunch and later we had the activity of the day. Today we did sports, you can choose baseball, football, yoga, and other sports. Me and my friends, we played baseball in the first hour and later we went inside to talk, we spend two hours doing sports and when we finished, each one went to his house to have dinner and spend time with the family.

Clara & Irene

Later we met at the door of the park at 19:30 to go for a walk around the sea for 2 hours, in the walk we talked with our friend about our day and we took some photos for the blog. When the walk finished, we returned to our host family.

My favorite thing of this weekend was the Sunday when we went to Dun Laoghaire because there was a lot of food stalls and also there was a shop with Spanish food.  I also like Dun Laoghaire because we had lunch next to the sea and it was so beautiful.

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