martes, 4 de julio de 2017

Monday 3rd July - The day of Competitions!! (Olga Páramo Mateo)

In the morning, a normal Monday, we had to be at school at 9:00. We spoke with Niall about news with our family or other things. Then we went to class with a break of 15 minutes at 11:00. Then we went back to class. When we finished at 12:45 we went to our classroom where we meet every day and then we ate our lunch.

After it, we had to choose what sport we will choose because it was sports day.  Carla, Marina, Claudia and Irene decided to do yoga. They said that the teacher was fantastic! Some girls played with a frisbee for a while. Later, Ana, Olga, Marta, Jimena, Clara, María Cañadilla, Celia, Inés and Mónica decided to play baseball but when we were tired, we sat down on the grass and we started to speak. All the boys and Maria Sanchez decided to play football. 

Spain v Italy

Olga in action

After all the games, we went to the game room where we spent an hour more or less, playing cards, chess, four in a row and games like that. Also in the game room, we could play table tennis. After we went to our houses to have dinner.

After having dinner we met at SuperValu in Killester to go by train to Howth, a fishing village. When we arrived, we did a Quiz which was difficult questions about the history of the village. 
Sarah, said to us that we had 45 minutes to answer them asking people on the street. We did it in pairs. We ran a lot, but finally the group formed by Maria Sanchez and Carla won. There were a lot more pairs that completed all the quiz. When we finished, we went back by train and we went to each house.

Howth Quiz

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