domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

Our First Days in Dublin (Jorge González de Gracia

On 26 of June we left Cobisa and we began our trip to Ireland. Everyone was really excited about the trip. 

Before we set off

 First we went to the airport to take a flight to Dublin, we were very hungry but the airport's food was really expensive so we didn't eat anything.

When we arrived in Dublin we were very tired so we only wanted to sleep but we had to take a bus to meet our families. When we arrived home we went to the bed.

On Tuesday 27 we went for first time to St. Paul's College. We were very excited. The director of it came and talked to us about the classes. Then we went to class. At 11:00a.m we had a small break and then we went into class again. When we finished the classes we had lunch.

After eating we went for a walk in the city centre we were all euphoric. We saw the Spire which is an extremely 
high monument that cost 4 million euros, then we went to the Temple Bar that is in a very famous street in the city, then we went to the Half A Penny Bridge which is a bridge with a story that Dan a monitor told us. The Half Penny Bridge is called that because in the past you had to pay half a penny to cross it because it was made with rope so only one person could cross it. We were very surprised.
In front of the Spire
the Ha'penny Bridge
Then we went to the most famous university in Ireland, Trinity College!! We were fascinated by 
the beauty of the university, in that university lots of famous people have studied.
All the boys (posing!) at Trinity College
In the afternoon, we went home to have dinner and stay with our families for a while. Finally we went for a walk at St. Anne's park that is a huge and beautiful park near the school.
The Rose Gardens

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