domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

Shopping in Dublin (Clara Lizhu Medina)

Today we went to the school in the morning. After class, we had lunch and we went to the city centre to shop. In the afternoon we have been on a big street in the city centre with many shops and we have split in small groups. Every one went to a different store and the group looked at things and if someone liked something, they could buy it. The small group could not be separated because if the group separated, someone could be lost.At four-fifteen, the group had to be at the meeting point to return home. Then, we went to our homes and we had dinner.  Later, if you want, you can go to the park or you can stay in the house with the family

Jervis Shopping Centre @ Henry Street - Dublin (Ireland)Penneys (Primark) @ Henry Street

You could lose a whole day in any of these stores, there is simply soo much to see, and buy!!

This week is our first week in Dublin. I think Dublin is a beautiful place. I go to the school in the morning and in the afternoon, I do some activities or if I prefer, I can stay with the family.
I like the food and the place but I don't like so much the weather because it's raining.

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