domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

The Epic Museum followed by a night of bowling (Jimena Salinero Vega)

Today, we woke up a little earlier than yesterday because we had to be in the school at 9:00. When I finished breakfast with my family, I prepared to go walking to the school. We arrived early so it was fantastic. Then we went to classes. Today we did two things, learnt more about auxiliary verbs and more about houses, we built one too with paper.

After we had lunch in our class, we went to the Epic museum. This museum teaches some of the history of dublin. For example: Ireland's famous Guinness stout was first brewed in 1759 and a stagecoach service to other towns began. The Grand Canal was built in 1779 and a police force established in 1786, we saw a little of Sports and historical Irish dances, and of course literature. The museum was amazing. At the beginning of the tour, we were given a passport with a map and in each room, we had to stamp the passport with special machines. Each room was prepared in a different and special way. Many of the rooms were full of tactical or sensor battles. My favorite room was the one about the Irish dance in which there were footprints to try to dance like the Irish, but it's very special. It was a lot of fun.
Never has a museum been so much fun!
Monica, Jimena and Ines (fascinated by Irish history)
Stamping the Passports
Sending messages

Irish Music

Then we arrived home and we prepared for the activity in the night: the bowling. The bowling was so amazing. It is very big with a lot of games and tables for billards. We were put into groups of 5 people and then we began the game. I was the second and it was very fine. We finished quite late but although we got lost, we arrived home very tired, looking foward to an other day like this.

Monica, Jimena & Ines at the Bowling Alley

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