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The Final Week by Fernando Cardeña

Hi! My name is Fernando and I'm going to talk about the 3rd week of our trip. All the days of this week we had class from 9:30 to 12:45 but on Friday, we didn't have class because we went to Malahide all day.

The first day of this week, Monday, after the class we did some sports. The girls played a lots of sport like baseball, voleyball and table tennis and the boys were playing a football match against Catalonia's boys and we won the match 7-5. Then, we went back to our homes to have dinner and after the dinner, we were walking near the sea and we bought some things.

Almost everyone (Plus Martin number 22!)

On Tuesday, we went to a museum of Dublin's history (Dublinia), it has 3 levels: vikings, medievals and archaeologists and we had answered a quiz of the museum. Then, when we finished the dinner the boys and some girls went to the park and we enjoyed the swings.

On wednesday, we went to on a boat. It's a river cruise and we could see some beautiful views. In the evening, we went to the stadium to see the dog racing but the stadium was closed and the boys went to Supervalu to buy some things.

The boy and Martin (our adopted member)!

On thursday, we went to centre of Dublin because we could see a beautiful garden and then we went to an art gallery. In the evening, we were in the disco and we enjoyed a lot with the music.

On friday, we didn't have class because in the morning we went to malahide to visit a castle and then, we were in the sea to do canoeing and we enjoyed it a lot with differents games in the sea with boats. Then, we ate in the grass near the previous castle. After dinner, we went to the park with two more people from Toledo because they arrived on Thursday and they went with us to the park and we enjoyed it with them.

The best activity for me was the canoeing because we enjoyed it a lot in the water with games and we could swim and walk in the sea. I liked the football match also because football, it's my favourite sport. The bad excursion was the dog racing because the stadium was closed and I wanted to see the dog racing!

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