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Thursday 13th of July by Maria Sanchez

On Thursday we meet at the school at 09:00 with all the group, like other days, to talk about the families, houses, food... then we had classes for 09:30 to 12:45 with a break at 11:00 between them.

Then, at 12:45 we ate lunch, and after that we went to take the dart to go to the Art Galery in Dublin but we were so many groups so we had to wait in  "Jardín del Recuerdo" (the Garden of Remembrance), which was a beautiful park near the Gallery. There a teacher told us as a legend of that garden. 

The Children of Lir

The story was about one kingdom in which the queen was dead and her husband, King Lir and their children were so sad. Then Lir wanted to give his children a mother so he married Aoife, the sister of his old wife. Aoife had magical powers and she was so jealous of the children so she wanted to kill them. She went to the river with them and she transformed them into 4 beautiful swans with the condition that they had to be 900 years in 3 different lakes, they only can be human if one monk touches the ring and their heart. She told the king that one boar killed them to hide her act. But the problem was that Aoife didn't know that one of Lir's daughters can sang, so she told all the truth to her father and he condemned Aoife. Then Lir visited them a lot but when the children had to go to the second lake, they didn't see more their father. One day they went to visit him but they only see a lonely kingdom. When the swans were going to the third lake, they met the monk who can save their lives, so they heart the ring and they complete the tranformation. Finally they died and they lived in peace with their parents in the sky

At 14:30/15:00 we went to the Hugh Lane Art Gallery and we saw old pictures, they were a little strange, but we really enjoyed the place.

After that, we went shopping for 20 minutes and then we took the dart to return home, we had dinner, and then we started to prepare because at night we have disco.

We met at 19:00 at the supervalu of killester and we went walking to the disco. There we danced a lot and we had a great time.  At 21:30/22:00, Niall arrived to pick up the people who live far, and the rest went walking home.

All Style at the Disco!

We had a great time, and it's one of my favourite days!

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