sábado, 8 de julio de 2017

Wednesday - Sports Day & Irish Night (Claudia Romero Benítez)

We had our classes in the morning and after lunch a sports competition. At the beginning, we did zumba all together in the gym and then we were divided in four teams (yellow, red, blue and black). We were on the red team. 

The RED Team

We played different games and races but we didn't win any game so many people in my team got angry. However, the rest of the people had a really good time. My favourite game was the last one because we did it outdoors on a field and we had to slide on the grass with our partner and we had to dive into a small pool, which was full of water, soap and lemon juice. We were all wet and dirty after that but we didn't care because we had a lot of fun there.

We came back home to have dinner and then we met in Killester to go to an Irish dance exhibition. It was quite interesting because after the dance, some people that were sitting down, stood up and danced too and it was like an irish party. We really enjoyed it.

Jesus Irish dancing

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