viernes, 13 de julio de 2018

Belfast (The Peace Wall)


On 8th July, we went to Belfast. We had to wake up pretty early because the bus left from the school at 9:00. Once we all had got onto the bus, it took us about one hour and a half to arrive to Belfast. As it was a long trip, we stopped at a petrol station to have something to eat.

When we finally arrived, at about 12:00, the group leaders gave us some free time to have lunch and have a walk around the city. We were able to spot very beautiful monuments such as the city hall.

One hour later, we all met again and the bus driver gave us a little tour around the city. As we went down the streets we were able to see the walls covered in murals, representing the whole history of Ireland. 

The thing that impressed me the most was the Peace Wall, which was a wall built during the time when the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants was so harsh, resulting in more than 3000 victims. We could appreciate this due to the height of the wall, which was divided into 3 parts. When it was built, people from both sides were able to throw stuff over it, and they had to increase the height three times.  

First, we saw it from the Catholic area, where there was a picture of the 12 main people that asked for the freedom of Ireland, especially Bobby Sands, who was sent to jail and later executed. 

Moving on to the Protestant part, it was shocking to see all the old houses combined with the cloudy weather, that gave that neighbourhood such a dark aura. On this side of the wall everything was so different: there were English flags everywhere, and loads of pictures of king William II.

It was very interesting to see this side of Ireland.

Lucia Bautista Peces

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