jueves, 5 de julio de 2018

Bray (01-07-18)


We are having astonishing days in some places in the lovely Ireland, such as Glendalough or Powerscourt gardens.

For today's trip we are going to Bray. In my case, I have been to this beachy area before, so I realised that all of us would be having an endless walk to the top of a hill (whose name I do not know) and where there are great amount of obstacles which make this whole experience quite tough. 

Our group is huge, we are 31 people, so we were divided into smaller ones. 
Some of us ate a 99, which is a typical Irish ice cream made of milk and with a chocolate square called a flake on it. 

Others decided to ascend the 'mountain', just like me. As I said before the way was hard. While my group was going up, one of the others were going down as they wanted to do the whole journey in fifteen minutes, just like the Road Runner... But the truth is that God is the only one who can do this!

After experiencing all this suffering, the views were breathtaking and it was worth it. We all took some pictures to upload to our social networking sites or to put them as new profile photos. 

Others had decided to have a rest on the beach, laying down, sleeping or taking a break on the rocky coast. This group was constituted by people who didn't want to see the football match. In addition, gossip was the the most relevant issue as lists of our crushes were revealed. 

For people whose aim was to see the game, the time was exciting. Everyone was shouting and cheering for the Spanish team. At first, they were winning but in the end Russia won the match. Apart from all those Spanish people occupying the bar, there was a single table of Russians who got a thrill after everything had happened.The best thing about this is that there were also Irish people who were cheering for our country. 

I'm looking forward to the next day since I'm having the best time, on my terms.

Celia López Sánchez

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