viernes, 13 de julio de 2018

City Spectacular

City Spectacular

Last Saturday, we went to Merrion Square where that weekend there was a festival. It was called 'the City Spectacular'. 

In the park, there were many shows and activities to enjoy; family activities, delicious street food from around the world and a pet area. The shows included magic, zumba, acrobatics and people singing. 

In one of the shows, there was a magician that can remove a tablecloth without knocking the things that were on the table and put it back too. It was impressive. 

There were different types of music. On the 'food' street, there were a lot of food stalls from different countries such as Brazilian, Indian or Venezuelan food stalls, but there was also a fish and chips food stall. 

In one part of the park, there was a wall, where people could do graffiti, and an area to play games. One of the games was three in row which Jesus liked a lot! Another was a peg top that you have to throw and try to get the highest number of figures. 

It was lots of fun.

Livia Gamero Hammerer

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