jueves, 19 de julio de 2018

Croke Park

Croke Park

Yesterday we went normally to school at nine o'clock. It was our last day so we were a little sad because we don't want to leave Dublin. 

Yesterday in the afternoon when we arrived at school we weny to class and them we went to the Croke Stadium by bus. 

When we arrived to the stadium we took some photos. It was amazing! It rained a litte but stopped early. A tour guide explained some information about the stadium like the facilities, the rules of the some sports I'll explain some information about them.

In this stadium Football and Hurling is played, they are the most important sports, they are a very important part of Ireland and for the Irish people. Many fans go every year to different matches. Many people are excited. Before a match, the streets are full of happiness and emotion.

Then we went inside and we saw many types of T-shirts, many teams and many colours. We went outside to see the stands and the field. We took some photos again of all and we sat down in the stands. 

The tour guide explained that the lengths of the field were 100 metres long and 90 metres wide. It was really bigand she explained too the basic rules of hurling like the ball cannot fall down, the facilities have 4 dressing rooms and there can be two matches in one day! She also told us that the ball can reach 100km/h and the player must wear a helmet.

Then we went to some rooms to practise Football and Hurling.

Claudia de Vega de la Cruz

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