martes, 17 de julio de 2018


Week One

Hello, I'm Paloma and I'm going to make a brief summery of our first week in Dublin.

We arrived here the 27th of June, we caught the bus and we went to our new school. At first, we were nervous because we didn't know each other but during the flight we made friends.
We arrived there at 14:00 and we went to Saint Anne's Park, here we were playing a Spanish card game called "asesino". After that, at 15:00 we met the new family, we were really nervous but excited at the same time.

On Thursday, we met at 9:00 in our Spanish base classroom, we talked about how our family was and after that we were divided into different classes. We started our lessons and at 12:45 we had our first lunch, then Lorcan (a yellow t-shirt) came with us and he showed us the most important parts of the city centre, just then we caught the "Dart" and we came back home. We had dinner and we dressed up well for the occasion (we went to the disco and we wanted to look good). Afterwards we arrived there, we danced and sang a lot and the most important thing was that we had lots of fun and that afternoon helped us to know each other better. 

On Friday we went to school again, we stayed in class during our lessons and subsequently we caught the Dart. We walked and in the end we arrived at Portmarnork Beach, because we had been very lucky with the weather! There we had lunch, got into the water, also took some amazing photos and we played different games like "Ninja". We spent the evening there and then we went home and stayed there until the next morning.

On Saturday, we did 2 activities. First, we met at school and one coach was waiting for us then we  went to Powerscourt Gardens. There we took photos, we walked and we had really good time in that colourful and beautiful place. After that, we went to Glendalough, which is an idyllic place with 2 different lakes. When we arrived, we had lunch but some of us bought our own lunch in takeaway restaurants, then we took a long walk with incredible views. We also saw some waterfalls and a cemetery with a tower that look like Rapunzel's. We watched a documentary about that place and after that long day we came back home.

On Sunday, we met later to rest. We went to the train station and we went to Bray, there, we had free time. First, we had lunch and then, most of us went to the top of a hill which had an enormous cross and amazing views. It was a big effort to go up but we achieved it, after that long walk we went down and many of us went to a bar to watch the Spain vs Russia football match. In the end, Spain lost but we had a good time while we were cheering for our team. At the end of the match, we all got together and we left Bray.

That's everything we did in our first week. I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too!


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