martes, 17 de julio de 2018



Today, we started clases at 9:30 as usual. When we finished them, we went to the city centre to visit a museum called Dublinia. 

The museum has three levels.

The first level talks about the Vikings. In 841, the Vikings established a camp in Dublin, so in the winter they could stay in Ireland instead of going to Scandinavia. They believed in many gods and goddesses. The three main ones were Odin, Thor and Frey. They also believed in life after death and that they could take their belongings with them to the next world. The Vikings wrote in wood, stone, metal and bone. They had their own alphabet called futhark because those letters were its first letters.

The second level talks about the medieval period. Merchants were a very important part of society. The merchants and their family ate on a metal plate, the merchant's apprentice on a plate made of wood and the servants used slices of bread. People spent a lot of time sailing because it was much easier than travelling overland.

The third level talks about archeology. Archeological sites can be muddy places but archaeologists look carefully for any change in colour or texture. Some streets in Central Dublin still follow the same lines as they did in the medieval period. When archaeologists find something, they send it to laboratories for tests that often reveal incredibly detailed information about life in the past. Also, in the museum there is the meaning of some vikings words, for example husband which means "master of the house".

After the museum, we went to our houses and rested.

María Méndez de Vigo Herrero

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