lunes, 2 de julio de 2018

Glendalough (Saturday 30 June)


On Saturday 30th June, we went to Glendalough, which means" Valley of the two lakes" by bus. 

It was originally a big glacier between two mountains. As time went by, it melted and became a lake, then it dried and got divided into two lakes: the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake, both  connected by a river. 

There were a lot of people in the beaches, swimming and sunbathing due to the high temperatures and the beautiful landscape of the green valley that was full of trees and herbaceous.

We also visited a monastery built after the arrival of St. Kevin in the 6th century. The monastic complex is composed of: the well-preserved St Kevin's Church, also known as St Kevin's Kitchen; the Round Tower which is a 30 metre high tower used to hide the jewelry. It had a door that was very high from the ground in case of Viking or Norman invasions, the monks could shelter inside with the help of a ladder.

There is also the Priests' House which stands near the graveyard that contains St Kevin's Cross. The Legend says that if you are able to completely hug it, you will get married in the next year.

After that, in the afternoon, we went to the visitor centre where there was a little exhibition about Glendalough's monastic complex and other similar ones around Ireland. We  finally saw a documentary about it's history and then we came back to our houses. 

It was an interesting and exhausting day with wonderful views and warm weather.

Enrique Díaz-Alejo Valverde & Juan Manuel Rodríguez Valverde

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