martes, 17 de julio de 2018

Monday 16th (Clara Lizhu)

Monday 16th

Today  we went to school at 9:00 and we talked about how the weekend was. On Saturday, we were in Malahide doing water sports and Sunday in the city centre shopping. 

After that, we went to play table tennis until 9:30 until we went to class for 1 hour and 30 min. Later, we had a break for 15 minutes. We had another class until 12:45. We had lunch and at 13:30 we went to do sports. 

Today we had to wear different colours depending on the group that we were in. In our case, we were dressed in blue. Sports consisted of relays of basketball, football, tennis, running and more things. The team that finished first won the game. At 16:00, we finished it so we returned home to have dinner. 
For dinner I had carbonara that were cocked by the woman of my host family with the help of two Italian girls.  In the evening, at 6:15, after having dinner, I went up stairs to my bedroom to call my family and I talked with my mum and my dad. 

Later, I prepared my suitcase for the trip to return home and I called María at 22:00. We talked about 1 hour and half. When we stopped talking, I went to sleep about 24:00. 

Clara Lizhu

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