lunes, 16 de julio de 2018

Monday 9th July

Monday 9th July

Today we have had sports after lunch. Firstly, we had a tango lesson. It was a little difficult at the beginning but then it has been so fun.  Also we have learned the basic steps of tango, for example: first of all, you need to have a partner. One of you has to be the leader (who has the control) and the other one is the follower (who follows the leader). Then you have to move one step to the right, and then two to the left controlling the balance of the two people. 

After tango we had to choose between playing football or a volleyball tournament. It was very entertaining. After that we had a yoga lesson with a 'staff' girl and it was so relaxing . Then we went to our houses to have dinner. 

After dinner, we went to the park and some companions started to do their presentations. The 1st group (Paloma, Celia, Paula and Ines) talked about some monuments in Ireland and Toledo. Then the 2nd group of Laura, Nazaret and Cristina talked about some legends of Ireland like the Celtic legend of the swan princes. After the 3rd group of Andres and Alex talked about some rules and the history of hurling. Finally, the 4th group of Carlota, Daniela, Mario and Jorge talked about Gaelic football and handball.  We stayed a little longer in the park and then we went to our houses.

Marcos Fernandez Escudero

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