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Our Time in Ireland 2018

Three Weeks in Dublin

Unfortunately our trip has finished, so I'm going to do like a summary about the three weeks that we spent in Dublin. In a few words, I can describe the experience as one of my best experiences of my life, and I hope that my partners think the same. Im sure that no one will forget these incredible weeks.

In the first wee,k we didn't know each other, some of us did because maybe we were friends from Toledo or because we met last year here in Dublin. But then, with the passing of time, we have become very good friends.

During the trip we have done a huge number of activities like going to museums, playing sport at the school or just going to the park. An important point to mention about the park is that it's enormous and precious, so the time we have spent there was brilliant to take photos, play football or just to go for a walk.

Since the first day we noticed that the most difficult thing for us was to get used to the food timetable because in Ireland they have lunch at 13:00 and dinner at 18:00. Also the lunch was so strange for us because we had to eat at the school so the family gave us the "packed lunch" that normally contains two sandwiches, some chocolate, some fruit and a bottle of water.

The first day our group leaders (Sarah and Pilar) gave us our timetable for the three weeks. From Monday to Friday, we have had classes (9:30-11:00 and 11:15-12:45). After having lunch we have the activities, most days we went to museums or villages except some days that like I said before we stay at school playing sports. Every Thursday we had the Disco after having dinner, it has been incredible because we have met a lot of people from Spain and other countries.

Every school day we met at 9:00 with Pilar, Sarah and Niall and they asked us if we had any problemd and to be sure we have our packed lunch and the leap card (for the public transport).

We arrived on Wednesday and we stayed with the family so our first day of school and activities was Thursday. During the the four days left in that week, we went to the city centre, to the beach, to Powerscourt, Glendalough and to Bray. It was so good, but this year the weather was sostrange because it was very hot so it made us more tired.
The majority of the days we arrived to our home between 16:00 and 18:00 so we had enough time to do the most important thing: speak English with our family.

Let's move to the second week, here we were more used to being outside Spain and without our parents. This week we had 2 days of sports in which one of them we did Zumba, it was so funny to see some of us trying to follow the zumba teacher. Also we went to the disco on Thursday and on Friday we went to Henry Street and O'Connell Street, both are street in the center on Dublin where the most important shops are. Tuesday and Sunday are days that have been mentioned, because on Tuesday we went to Howth to do a quiz so we had to ask the people there and on Sunday we visited Belfast and the Titanic museum.

The third week has been so good, because  we did a lot of things like going to Howth and to the park to do some presentations. The day we went to Howth we were on a cruise and then we had dinner there (fish or chicken and chips). One day we went back to Howth to do a cliff walk, it wasn't the best activity of the trip. Also we had sports and shopping like the week before.

The last weekend was the best from my point of view. On Saturday we had a walk to the castle of Malahide, and there we ate our lunch and visited the castle. After we went to the coast, where we practised sailing and kayaking. The weather was great, a sunny day, but the water was a little bit cold. 

On Monday and Tuesday of the last week we had the sport day and we went to Croke Park. On Tuesday morning, the  group leaders told us that that night we had our final disco. On Wednesday, we had to be at the airport at 4:00 am.

To sum up, this experience has been fantastic. I want to say thank you to the group leaders and also to my partners that have make this trip one of the best. 

Ines Fernandez Fernandez 

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