jueves, 5 de julio de 2018

Powerscourt Gardens (30-06-18)

Powerscourt Gardens

On Saturday, 30 of June of 2018, we visited Powersourt gardens, an amazing and idyllic place. We arrived there by bus. It took one hour and a half from the school and everybody fell asleep. We were very tired due to what we did the previous day. 

First, we couldn't bring our bags so we left them on the bus. Then we entered and the view was stunning although it was a bit dry because of the heat in the last weeks. There was a huge fountain on the right and we were looking at the frogs. 

After that, we went to see the very famous pet cemetery of the last family that lived there. We also saw horses before we visited a tower called the Pepperpot tower next to a gigantic lake. We saw all the gorgeous gardens. 

We all sat in the grass and began to read the paper Sarah had given us at the beginning. If we didn't know it at the end, we would have had an exam. However, we all learnt the information about the gardens. Finally we went to Glendalough by bus and our amazing morning in Powerscourt gardens concluded.

Jimena Salinero Vega

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