lunes, 16 de julio de 2018

The Natural History Museum of Dublin

The Natural History Museum of Dublin

Today we have visited the Natural History Museum of Dublin where we have been able to find information about the history and evolution of the people who have lived in Ireland.

In the first hall there is a type of canoe which was used to cross the river. It is 15 metres long and it is made from oak. We saw quite a strange statue which was symbolic of the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead.

On the second floor, there were many of the typical dresses, swords, necklaces and other items that were used in the medieval ages. 

By the way, there was a small cinema in which we could learn more about viking influence on our culture and art in general. In fact, we learnt that many of the designs we use nowadays in churches and decorative items comes from there.

Catholic influence in art was shown too in the reliefs made in huge stones, copes, swords, shelters and crosses. Indeed, we could see a mummy with one of these old swords, corroded over time.

Many of these items were used in burials and guaranteed a good life after death, not only important for decorating but also for ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

Finally we saw objects which were of interest to the collectors because of the accumulation of treasures. Conversely, the biggest part of these objects were destroyed.

We saw a little boat which was used by the Vikings, it was an imitation of the real boats and it had its sail.

In general, the museum showed a huge part of the old history of Dublin from the prehistoric ages to the end of the medieval ages. We were able to learn many things from that and enjoyed the experience so much.

Diego Galvez Lopez & Pablo Villamor Lopez-Guerrero

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