lunes, 9 de julio de 2018

Thursday 5th July

Thursday 5th July

At 9:30, we started classes in St Paul's College. At 13:00, we had lunch with the teachers and at 13:30, there were some sports to do: hurling, football and yoga.

Hurling is an Irish sport. It is played with a stick and a ball. In this sport, we had to hit the ball as far as we could. 

The people who did yoga, were doing stretches and positions like the cat or the dog ones.

Some people played football. They had a football tournaments in teams.

At 16:00, we went home to have a shower and have dinner. At 19:30, we all met at SuperValu to go to the disco together. We had a really good time there and at 21:40, we left the disco to go to our houses.

Laura Aparicio Sanzol

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