viernes, 13 de julio de 2018

Tuesday 10th of July

Tuesday 10th of July

We arrived at the school at 9:00, as usual, and after talking to Niall, Sarah and Pilar we had 20 minutes until the classes started at 9:30.

Once the classes finished, we met in our room, but instead of eating there as always, we took our bags and we went to the train station to go to Howth because we had the Cruise.

When we arrived at 13:45 we only had like 15 minutes to have lunch because the cruise started at 14:00.

While we were in the boat a pre-recorded voice was indicating what we were seeing. For example, we saw some islands like Ireland's Eye, there were loads of seagulls in the cliffs, and Lambay Island, which is the largest one, and it was interesting too.

After the tour had finished, we had an hour of free time; some of us decided to buy an ice-cream, others a slushie, etc.

Later the remaining groups did their presentations. One of them was about typical Irish food like Boxty (potato pancake) or Irish Stew (Guillermo and Alejandro's presentation). Another was a blend of music bands (U2), famous actors and actresses (Pierce Brosnan) and boxers (Conor Mc Gregor) (María, Amor and Jimena's one). Jesús, Enrique and Manuel talked about another band (The Cranberries). Andrea, Livia, Marcos and Lucía explained us some types of art like music, films and Irish dance to us. And finally the last presentation was about some monuments (The Spire) and places to visit (Cliffs of Moher) (Pablo and Diego's one)

Then we had free time again, like 20 minutes, because Pilar and Sarah had to buy the dinner. Do you know what it was? Yes, of course! Fish & Chips! Although some of us chose Chicken & Chips, but anyway, it was delicious. 

When we finished we had a little more free time until 18:30, when we took the dart again to return to "our" houses. 

It was a really nice day!

Ronda Chunhong Casado Vidal

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