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Irish Music Night

Irish Music Night

Hi! I’m Daniela Burgos and I’m going to explain what did we do in the Irish Music evening.
First of all, we arrived at the little theatre at 8 p.m. We were a lot of people, maybe 3 groups of 20 people in each one. 

There were 4 musicians, playing the flute, guitar, violin and bagpipes. After they played their instruments, 3 girls started dancing an Irish dance and then they invited us to try that dance. 

After that, a man played the bagpipes while we were clapping following the music. Then, the same man played the bodhran which is a type of Irish drum. After this, the 3 dancers danced a type of Irish dance which seemed a little bit like the “Claqué”. 

Then, the man who played the guitar started singing a song which means a lot for them because the Irish people always sing this song in Croke Park when there is a match. After this, a little girl came and played the concertino. She played the concertino very well despite her age. Then the 3 ballerinas came again and they were teaching us another dance step by step, and we were all trying to practice this. 

In my opinion, I think it was fun and very interesting because we learnt more things about the Irish culture. The part of the Irish music evening I liked the most was when we had to try the dance because it was so difficult and at the same time so funny.

Daniela Burgos Herance

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