jueves, 4 de julio de 2019

Jeanie Johnston

Jeanie Johnston

Today we visited Jeanie Johnston with a tour guide, she explained all of its history and situations of specific families with their names as an example. It’s a replica of a three master barque that was originally built in Quebec, Canada, in 1847 by John Munn. The project was conceived in the late 1980s, but did not become a reality until November 1993. 

The original Jeanie Johnston was bought by Tralee, Co. Kerry-based merchants John Donovan & Sons, it traded successfully between Tralee and North America for a number of years. It was used to bring emigrants from Ireland to North America, and then to bring timber back to Europe. 

In 1855, the ship was sold to William Johnson. In 1858, in the route to Quebec from Hull full of timber, she became waterlogged. The crew climbed into the rigging (the rigging is a part of the boat), and after nine days clinging to their slowly sinking ship, they were rescued by a Dutch ship, the Sophie Elizabeth. Even in her loss, she maintained her perfect safety record as no one died.


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