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Laya Healthcare City Spectacular

Laya Healthcare City Spectacular

On Sunday, we all went to Merrion Square Park, we went there at 12 Am in the morning, and we caught the dart. There was an Art Gallery in the entrance of the big park where we saw pictures of various drawings and sizes. 

Once we were inside we could enjoy the Laya City Spectacular, it is a typical Irish Summer Festival celebrated every year in Dublin. A lot of families, friends and tourists usually go and spend the day there since there are an amount of little stores of food as there was a big street called “Just Eat Street” when we found different types of food such as crêpes, burgers, fries, donuts, churros, Tacos, Ice cream, pizza, grill... and many more food stations.  

There were some places like “Playa-Ground” and Craft Market, “Pink Stage” Irish Daily Mail in Layabout Area, Kids court, Pet-Acular DSCPA and PURINA, we even saw four stages called by different colours: pink, green, blue and yellow.

Furthermore, there was an attraction that was a zombie bus, a music truck, a giant slide and a carousel at the end of the street and more scenarios with people dancing and singing typical songs from here. 

When we first arrived we all saw a show where there was a man up on a staircase with the typical Scottish skirt doing dances, juggling and playing with knives, entertaining people and every 15 seconds the public had to scream while he was making different challenges. He also made a rubber cube in 90 seconds on top of a ladder and his record was 56 seconds. Everywhere there were stages with people singing and playing instruments like guitar and drums. 

And many small posts and shops with necklaces and bracelets made by hand and people were in the grass eating and sunbathing, lying down and relaxing. Moreover, there were an area for animals where they could be with their owners and play.

Lucía Mosquera Alcántara

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