lunes, 15 de julio de 2019


Saturday 13 July - Malahide 

Today we met at the station at 8:45 to get the dart in direction to Malahide. After arriving there, our group leaders divided us in two small groups (from 1-10 and from 11-21).

Then, our first activity was table football which actually was human table football. Our instructor told us to make two teams (blue team and orange team), both teams were quite competitive. But finally both teams ended in a tie (at least in my group). 

Next game was divided in two parts. The first one was archery in which our supervisor explained how the bow and arrows work.

Then, the second part was the wrecking ball, it was pretty entertaining and enjoyable, but some people got injured because of the heavy ball. Finishing all these activities, we went to eat some food before starting the water activity.

Then, we went to a special room and the monitors gave us a wet suit. When we put them on, they also gave us a life jacket . And when all people were ready we went to the water.

The monitors gave us an oar to row and we had to swim a little to take the board. In each board there was 2 or 3 people. Then we did a race, for me was very difficult.

When we finished, we went to the showers and we went to Malahide to eat fish and chips. We stayed there for two hours.

When we finished the fish&chips we took some time chilling out and a few of us bought crepes and ice creams in a shop which is called “take away”.

When we ate the crepes, we walked to the dart station and we came back to our home.

Marta Cabellos & Iratxe Ortiz

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