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As usual we went to school done our hours and after having lunch outside we left the school and arrived later on to the museum. They gave us some rules to follow and handed us an epic passport where you could see a map of the inside of the museum. 

It was divided into 20 different rooms. Now I shall tell you what they were called

1- an open island 2- leaving the island 3- Arriving in the new world 4-belief 
5-hunger work community 6-conflict 7-state and society 8-peace
9-changing the game 10-playing the world 11- discovering an inventing
12-leading change 13- achieving fame 14-music and dance
15- eating and drinking 16-creating and designing 17-story telling
19-celebration 20-connection 

I am going to give some more details about 2 rooms.

The first room explained specially Christianity from the six century on. Men and women from Ireland emigrated to spread Christianity. This religion was all over the word a few centuries after. Catholicism left schools, churches...

The second room explained about Saint Patrick and it’s festivals. Nowadays, countries all over the world colour their most significant buildings with green as an honor.

After visiting the museum, some people went home and the others went to the park. Around six we all had pizzas for dinner in the park. After we had free time to do what we wanted.

Fatima O'Flaherty

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