lunes, 8 de julio de 2019

Trinity College Zoological Museum

Trinity College Zoological Museum

Today in the morning we had classes, like a normal day. Then, after having lunch at school, we took the Dart to go to the center. While we were on our way to the zoological museum, we stopped at Penneys to buy yellow T-shirts, as the following day we were having the sport day. 

As it was expected, we arrived late. But don’t worry, not too much. In the museum, we saw lots of different skulls like shark or tiger ones. We also had the opportunity of holding a snake, Alejandro really liked it! 

An interesting fact is that we saw the skeleton of the lion whose father is the famous one, who appears in the intro of MGM movies. We also saw an elephant’s skeleton that was from a famous elephant called Prince Tom,  who used to be really liked in Ireland. 

In addition, we had the privilege of seeing an "auk" which sadly has died out nowadays.
In general, all the visit was really interesting. And, despite the fact most animals were dead, we have learnt a lot.

Elisa Ming Poderoso Novo y Andrea Bermejo Martin

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