lunes, 16 de julio de 2018

The Natural History Museum of Dublin

The Natural History Museum of Dublin

Today we have visited the Natural History Museum of Dublin where we have been able to find information about the history and evolution of the people who have lived in Ireland.

In the first hall there is a type of canoe which was used to cross the river. It is 15 metres long and it is made from oak. We saw quite a strange statue which was symbolic of the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead.

On the second floor, there were many of the typical dresses, swords, necklaces and other items that were used in the medieval ages. 

By the way, there was a small cinema in which we could learn more about viking influence on our culture and art in general. In fact, we learnt that many of the designs we use nowadays in churches and decorative items comes from there.

Catholic influence in art was shown too in the reliefs made in huge stones, copes, swords, shelters and crosses. Indeed, we could see a mummy with one of these old swords, corroded over time.

Many of these items were used in burials and guaranteed a good life after death, not only important for decorating but also for ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

Finally we saw objects which were of interest to the collectors because of the accumulation of treasures. Conversely, the biggest part of these objects were destroyed.

We saw a little boat which was used by the Vikings, it was an imitation of the real boats and it had its sail.

In general, the museum showed a huge part of the old history of Dublin from the prehistoric ages to the end of the medieval ages. We were able to learn many things from that and enjoyed the experience so much.

Diego Galvez Lopez & Pablo Villamor Lopez-Guerrero

Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum

On Sunday, we went to the Titanic Museum in Belfast. 

We learnt some interesting facts about this huge boat. Thomas Andrews was the managing director in charge of design although the plans had already been designed previously by others. The Titanic set sail from Southampton, stopping along the way in Ireland, in the direction of New York with more than 2200 people on board. 

It was continuing the previous route when in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the boat collided with an iceberg, between 23:30 and 02:15 on the 14th of April, in the year 1912, causing water to enter, causing it to sink very slowly. 

There were only lifeboats for 1178 people, so it wasn’t enough. First, they tried to save women and children. The crew sent messages to other ships that were in the area but they took too long. Finally, the Titanic sank leaving more than 1300 deaths. 

In the museum, we also saw one video that talked about how the Titanic was found and what the interior was like in it.

Some students were lucky to meet a host mother who had a family member on the Titanic. This young girl survived and lived in the States until she was in her 80's.

Maria Sanchez Garcia-Cervigon

Monday 9th July

Monday 9th July

Today we have had sports after lunch. Firstly, we had a tango lesson. It was a little difficult at the beginning but then it has been so fun.  Also we have learned the basic steps of tango, for example: first of all, you need to have a partner. One of you has to be the leader (who has the control) and the other one is the follower (who follows the leader). Then you have to move one step to the right, and then two to the left controlling the balance of the two people. 

After tango we had to choose between playing football or a volleyball tournament. It was very entertaining. After that we had a yoga lesson with a 'staff' girl and it was so relaxing . Then we went to our houses to have dinner. 

After dinner, we went to the park and some companions started to do their presentations. The 1st group (Paloma, Celia, Paula and Ines) talked about some monuments in Ireland and Toledo. Then the 2nd group of Laura, Nazaret and Cristina talked about some legends of Ireland like the Celtic legend of the swan princes. After the 3rd group of Andres and Alex talked about some rules and the history of hurling. Finally, the 4th group of Carlota, Daniela, Mario and Jorge talked about Gaelic football and handball.  We stayed a little longer in the park and then we went to our houses.

Marcos Fernandez Escudero

viernes, 13 de julio de 2018

City Spectacular

City Spectacular

Last Saturday, we went to Merrion Square where that weekend there was a festival. It was called 'the City Spectacular'. 

In the park, there were many shows and activities to enjoy; family activities, delicious street food from around the world and a pet area. The shows included magic, zumba, acrobatics and people singing. 

In one of the shows, there was a magician that can remove a tablecloth without knocking the things that were on the table and put it back too. It was impressive. 

There were different types of music. On the 'food' street, there were a lot of food stalls from different countries such as Brazilian, Indian or Venezuelan food stalls, but there was also a fish and chips food stall. 

In one part of the park, there was a wall, where people could do graffiti, and an area to play games. One of the games was three in row which Jesus liked a lot! Another was a peg top that you have to throw and try to get the highest number of figures. 

It was lots of fun.

Livia Gamero Hammerer

Belfast (The Peace Wall)


On 8th July, we went to Belfast. We had to wake up pretty early because the bus left from the school at 9:00. Once we all had got onto the bus, it took us about one hour and a half to arrive to Belfast. As it was a long trip, we stopped at a petrol station to have something to eat.

When we finally arrived, at about 12:00, the group leaders gave us some free time to have lunch and have a walk around the city. We were able to spot very beautiful monuments such as the city hall.

One hour later, we all met again and the bus driver gave us a little tour around the city. As we went down the streets we were able to see the walls covered in murals, representing the whole history of Ireland. 

The thing that impressed me the most was the Peace Wall, which was a wall built during the time when the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants was so harsh, resulting in more than 3000 victims. We could appreciate this due to the height of the wall, which was divided into 3 parts. When it was built, people from both sides were able to throw stuff over it, and they had to increase the height three times.  

First, we saw it from the Catholic area, where there was a picture of the 12 main people that asked for the freedom of Ireland, especially Bobby Sands, who was sent to jail and later executed. 

Moving on to the Protestant part, it was shocking to see all the old houses combined with the cloudy weather, that gave that neighbourhood such a dark aura. On this side of the wall everything was so different: there were English flags everywhere, and loads of pictures of king William II.

It was very interesting to see this side of Ireland.

Lucia Bautista Peces

My Favourite Day (Jorge Martin Longobardo)

My Favourite Day

I am going to talk about my favourite day in Dublin. My favourite day was the day in Bray. 

It was my first day in Ireland. When I arrived we went to the train and we arrived to Bray. 

We ate and then we climbed a "mountain". At the top, there were very beautiful views but we had to go down quickly because the Spain football match was about to start . 

So we watched the football match. It was lots of fun. Finally, Spain lost the match so Spain was eliminated from the World Cup. 

Then we came to my house to meet my host family. The woman was a very friendly woman. 

It was a very good day.

Jorge Martin Longobardo

Tuesday 10th of July

Tuesday 10th of July

We arrived at the school at 9:00, as usual, and after talking to Niall, Sarah and Pilar we had 20 minutes until the classes started at 9:30.

Once the classes finished, we met in our room, but instead of eating there as always, we took our bags and we went to the train station to go to Howth because we had the Cruise.

When we arrived at 13:45 we only had like 15 minutes to have lunch because the cruise started at 14:00.

While we were in the boat a pre-recorded voice was indicating what we were seeing. For example, we saw some islands like Ireland's Eye, there were loads of seagulls in the cliffs, and Lambay Island, which is the largest one, and it was interesting too.

After the tour had finished, we had an hour of free time; some of us decided to buy an ice-cream, others a slushie, etc.

Later the remaining groups did their presentations. One of them was about typical Irish food like Boxty (potato pancake) or Irish Stew (Guillermo and Alejandro's presentation). Another was a blend of music bands (U2), famous actors and actresses (Pierce Brosnan) and boxers (Conor Mc Gregor) (María, Amor and Jimena's one). Jesús, Enrique and Manuel talked about another band (The Cranberries). Andrea, Livia, Marcos and Lucía explained us some types of art like music, films and Irish dance to us. And finally the last presentation was about some monuments (The Spire) and places to visit (Cliffs of Moher) (Pablo and Diego's one)

Then we had free time again, like 20 minutes, because Pilar and Sarah had to buy the dinner. Do you know what it was? Yes, of course! Fish & Chips! Although some of us chose Chicken & Chips, but anyway, it was delicious. 

When we finished we had a little more free time until 18:30, when we took the dart again to return to "our" houses. 

It was a really nice day!

Ronda Chunhong Casado Vidal