miércoles, 17 de julio de 2019

Tuesday 16th July

Tuesday 16th July

Like every day we went to classes, we had a little break and lunch. Then we went all the way walking to the Leisureplex. We went Bowling. 

We were all divided into 4 groups . At the entrance you could find lots of games. Beside the leisureplex, there was a big cinema. 

After we went home to have dinner and at 7 :15 we met at the dart station in Harmonstown to go to the beach. Most of us got into the water and swam. It was very cold but we had a great time . At half nine we went back and every one went home.

Natalia O'Flaherty



As usual we went to school done our hours and after having lunch outside we left the school and arrived later on to the museum. They gave us some rules to follow and handed us an epic passport where you could see a map of the inside of the museum. 

It was divided into 20 different rooms. Now I shall tell you what they were called

1- an open island 2- leaving the island 3- Arriving in the new world 4-belief 
5-hunger work community 6-conflict 7-state and society 8-peace
9-changing the game 10-playing the world 11- discovering an inventing
12-leading change 13- achieving fame 14-music and dance
15- eating and drinking 16-creating and designing 17-story telling
19-celebration 20-connection 

I am going to give some more details about 2 rooms.

The first room explained specially Christianity from the six century on. Men and women from Ireland emigrated to spread Christianity. This religion was all over the word a few centuries after. Catholicism left schools, churches...

The second room explained about Saint Patrick and it’s festivals. Nowadays, countries all over the world colour their most significant buildings with green as an honor.

After visiting the museum, some people went home and the others went to the park. Around six we all had pizzas for dinner in the park. After we had free time to do what we wanted.

Fatima O'Flaherty

Thursday 11th July

Thursday 11th July

On Thursday we had a sports day but before that we had school.

The sports was so boring because I was tired. We did Zumba for one hour. Then some people played volleyball, football or table tennis. 

We went to our houses when the sports finished. 
Later we went to a disco and I enjoyed myself.

David Álvarez San-Deogracias

martes, 16 de julio de 2019

Laya Healthcare City Spectacular

Laya Healthcare City Spectacular

On Sunday, we all went to Merrion Square Park, we went there at 12 Am in the morning, and we caught the dart. There was an Art Gallery in the entrance of the big park where we saw pictures of various drawings and sizes. 

Once we were inside we could enjoy the Laya City Spectacular, it is a typical Irish Summer Festival celebrated every year in Dublin. A lot of families, friends and tourists usually go and spend the day there since there are an amount of little stores of food as there was a big street called “Just Eat Street” when we found different types of food such as crêpes, burgers, fries, donuts, churros, Tacos, Ice cream, pizza, grill... and many more food stations.  

There were some places like “Playa-Ground” and Craft Market, “Pink Stage” Irish Daily Mail in Layabout Area, Kids court, Pet-Acular DSCPA and PURINA, we even saw four stages called by different colours: pink, green, blue and yellow.

Furthermore, there was an attraction that was a zombie bus, a music truck, a giant slide and a carousel at the end of the street and more scenarios with people dancing and singing typical songs from here. 

When we first arrived we all saw a show where there was a man up on a staircase with the typical Scottish skirt doing dances, juggling and playing with knives, entertaining people and every 15 seconds the public had to scream while he was making different challenges. He also made a rubber cube in 90 seconds on top of a ladder and his record was 56 seconds. Everywhere there were stages with people singing and playing instruments like guitar and drums. 

And many small posts and shops with necklaces and bracelets made by hand and people were in the grass eating and sunbathing, lying down and relaxing. Moreover, there were an area for animals where they could be with their owners and play.

Lucía Mosquera Alcántara

lunes, 15 de julio de 2019


Saturday 13 July - Malahide 

Today we met at the station at 8:45 to get the dart in direction to Malahide. After arriving there, our group leaders divided us in two small groups (from 1-10 and from 11-21).

Then, our first activity was table football which actually was human table football. Our instructor told us to make two teams (blue team and orange team), both teams were quite competitive. But finally both teams ended in a tie (at least in my group). 

Next game was divided in two parts. The first one was archery in which our supervisor explained how the bow and arrows work.

Then, the second part was the wrecking ball, it was pretty entertaining and enjoyable, but some people got injured because of the heavy ball. Finishing all these activities, we went to eat some food before starting the water activity.

Then, we went to a special room and the monitors gave us a wet suit. When we put them on, they also gave us a life jacket . And when all people were ready we went to the water.

The monitors gave us an oar to row and we had to swim a little to take the board. In each board there was 2 or 3 people. Then we did a race, for me was very difficult.

When we finished, we went to the showers and we went to Malahide to eat fish and chips. We stayed there for two hours.

When we finished the fish&chips we took some time chilling out and a few of us bought crepes and ice creams in a shop which is called “take away”.

When we ate the crepes, we walked to the dart station and we came back to our home.

Marta Cabellos & Iratxe Ortiz

viernes, 12 de julio de 2019

Burrow Beach

Burrow Beach

On Tuesday evening we went to Burrow Beach in Sutton. At first, we all met at 7:15 in the Train Station.
When we arrived at the town, Sarah realized that Mario, Diego and David weren't with us. So she stayed in the station until they caught another train and reached there.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group went to the beach with Andrew. We spent a lovely evening taking a lot of photos with Mauro's mobile phone. Some boys went swimming.

It was a cute day.

Maria Gutiérrez Sánchez

Sports Day & the Disco

Sports Day & the Disco 

On Thursday, July 4, we had classes in the morning and two activities in the afternoon, sports and the disco. In the morning we all had classes and we prepared our work for Friday. 

In the afternoon we first had the sports in which our group had to wear the yellow color to differentiate us. The first sport was one similar to hockey and the second one similar to baseball. 

Our group was the winner of these sports. Then we went to our houses to have dinner, to shower... 

Later we went to the nightclub where we had such a good time when we jumped, the ground trembled. And finally, at nine thirty, we went home to sleep.

Diego Alarcón Vera