martes, 15 de julio de 2014

Isabel Gomez escribe para el blog

Last Saturday we went by bus to a city called Killkeny. There, we visited a castle and had a walk to see the city. After that we went to an adventure park and we did a circuit on the trees. As it was so high we had to wear a helmet and an harness. In the circuit we demostrated our balancd and our agility. In conclusion, we had such a great time!
The only bad aspect of Saturday's trip was that we had to spend a lot of time in the bus. When were coming back Dublin we all slept because we were very tired.
By Isabel Gomez

Dia 15 de julio, Martes. Todos a comer "fish and chips" y disco

En el ultimo dia de nuestro viaje, fuimos todos al pueblo pesquero de Howth donde comimos juntos unas fish and chips rodeados de unas decenas de gaviotas que estaban a nuestro acecho. Por la noche, los chicos pudieron disfrutar de su ultimo dia de disco antes del viaje de vuelta. 
 Todo el grupo comiendo fish and chips sobre el cesped

 Preparados para los ultimos bailes en la disco
 Javier no quiso despedirse sin marcarse otro baile delante de la abarrotada discoteca.


Laura Sanchez escribe para el blog


Last Friday, we went shopping in O'connell Street. There was lots of different shops for young and old people, we went for a walk around the shops in small groups, in my group there was four people and we enteres in shops like gap (its hoodies are well known), forever 21, Aldo (that sells shoes and accessories), a make up store named MAC, the Irish version of primark called Penneys which is very good for students and tourists because it's very cheap, and finally we entered into Carrolls, the famous Irish souvenir shop where you can find anything related to the country and with a good price also.
When we finished shopping, we went to starbucks coffee and took a hot chocolate, it was delicious! 
In my opinion, the girls enjoyed more the shopping afternoon but the boys had fun too and bought many things.

Laura Sanchez

Miriam Gomez escribe para el blog


On Sunday, some of us went to visit a beautiful village call Dun Laoghaire. The rest of the group stayed at home with their host family.
When we arrived, we had lunch near to the port and then we went for a walk in a promerade. Like it was Sunday, there were a food market in a beautiful park and we saw the food stands.
After that, we went to a little beach with three lifeguards and some of the guys bathed although the water was very cold.
We had a good day in that nice fishing village where the tides changes a lot.

Miriam Gomez

Eduardo Gallego e Ignacio Ramos escriben para el blog


Last day , the 10th of July , we went to the Croke Park which is one of the biggest stadiums in Ireland. Croke Park is located in Dublin. We were visiting the stadium with a nice guide. First of all we were in the entrance taking some photographs, a thing very common in this tour . After we were watching a short video about the history of the stadium. In this stadium are played two tapes of sports: "Gaelic football" and "hurling". These ones are very common in Ireland. When the video finished, an employee of the stadium showed us the locker room where there was a few t-shirts... After that ,we went  inside the stadium , it was fantastic!! Today there are over 2700 GAA clubs throughout Ireland and overseas (Gaelic Athletic Association).  Ten minutes later , we climbed up until the highest part of the stadium. We have already finished , the last thing that we hadn't seen was the museum. The museum was very interesting , overcoat the games's zone! I'm the museum we could see all the teams that had played in the stadium and the prizes. Also there was a Hurley ,which is the thing that you used for play hurling and a sliotar that is the ball. 
In mi opinion, I think that the stadium is really amazing and I totally recommend to visit it. The thing that I really like from Croke Park is the middle of the stadium , because is huge and amazing. In the exit there is a little shop where yo can buy items related to the stadium. I didn't buy anything because , I forgot my wallet , however I would like to buy something. When we finished , we caught the train and we went home.

Eduardo Gallego Garcia-Rojo


Dia 14 de julio, Lunes. Visita a "Dublinia".

El lunes 14 fuimos al centro de Dublin para visitar el bonito museo de Dublinia. Dublinia es un museo vikingo y medieval donde se pueden ver diferentes aspectos de su vida a lo largo del tiempo: vestimentas, herramientas, armas que utilizaban, casas que fabricaban, etc... Fue una visita entretenida y divertida.

 Nacho y Enrique con un guerrero a la entrada del museo

 Eduardo tambien quiso fotografiarse con el guerrero vikingo

 Jaime y Javier junto a una hechicera vikinga

 ... y Nacho y Maria Blanco

 Enrique muy guapete con el casco vikingo

 ...Javier tambien con el mismo casco

 Javier junto a una escena de un enterramiento vikingo

 ... Nacho no quiso perder la ocasion de ponerse tambien el casco

 Andres, Eduardo y Alberto en una casa vikinga

 Jaime sentado, una vez mas

 Maria Blanco, Clara, Miriam y Maria Albiach escuchando una grabacion junto a una maqueta de un poblado vikingo

 Miriam, Leire y Clara

 Javier junto a un enorme perro

 Alberto, Nacho y Andres afinando punteria junto a un juego

 Eduardo y Maria Albiach escribiendo en idioma vikingo

 Ines junto a unos utensilios vokingos

 A Jaime le hicieron preso

 Y en el penultimo dia, Andres encontro novia

 Maria Albaich intentado quitarle las llaves a ese vikingo

 Leire junto a una pila de cadaveres

 Miriam junto a dos lapidas vikingas

 Andres, Enrique y Alberto con un chaleco y casco de obrero

 Nacho muy pensativo en su despacho

Eduardo ocupando el mismo despacho 

lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Leire Garcia y Luis Gomez Chamorro escriben para el blog



On the 8th of July we went to the National History Museum. There were a lot of animals like birds, fish and insects. There we saw two floors: in the first floor we saw Irish animals and in the second floor we saw animals of all over the world. We saw very big animals like an elephant or a girafe and very small animals like buterflys or ladybugs. The bulding was built in 1856.

My opinion: I love this museum because I love animals but if you don't like animals, don't go there becouse there are a lot. It's a little bit oppressive but I loved it. 



The 8th of July we spent the morning in the national history museum ubicated in Dublin, exactly in Merrion street.
This museum had been closed during a long time and now it has been reopened. Firstly, we go to the first floor. This floor showed us the different species of animals such as birds, fish, insects...  Afterwards, we visited the second floor that it was more interesting There was skeletons , dinosaurs's skulls... and a huge whale too.
After the visit we returned home.
Althought the museum has lots of pictures and models, I think it is very boring. I wouldnt recommend visiting it because from my point of view it isnt suitable for people from my age.

By Luis Gomez Chamorro

Javier Martin escribe para el blog

On Sunday, we went to Kilkenny, a beautiful village in Ireland.
We got up early and we went to the school. There, we took the bus, and it was a long trip. It was boring. Some people were listenig to music or talking between then, and others were sleeping.
When we arrived there, we took a walk and we did some photos. Then, we had lunch and talked about the village. After that, we went to visit a beautiful castle where we took some photos. After all of this, we went to climb in the trees in a fun park.
It was a great day!
Javier Martin Macias


Dia 13 de julio, Domingo. Dia de familia y visita a Dunleary

Como cada domingo, los chicos tenian el dia libre para pasarlo con la familia. Para aquellos que quisieron venir, preparamos una visita a Dunleary, un pueblo en la costa con un bonito puerto donde pasamos el dia y donde los chicos y chicas mas valientes se atravieron a banarse en la playa.
 A la llegada a Dunleary

 Foto de grupo junto al mar
 Luis y Nacho en un pequeno saliente

 Todos estaban deseando mojarse los pies

 Miriam Gomez
 Todos posando en el saliente

 Javier en una pequena barquita llena de flores
 Ellos tambien quisieron posar en la barquita, pero la taparon entera
 Los hermanos junto a una escultura  de una caracola gigante

 Maria Rodriguez, Miriam y Nacho
 Ines y Lara, con Miriam destras al fondo
 En un pequeno mercadillo de comida donde los chicos degustaron comida espanola en un puesto de Espana

 El grupo junto a las rocas
 Luis fue el primero en adentrarse en el agua
 ...los demas siguieron a continuacion

 Andres y Nacho todavia con camiseta
 Algunas chicas como Maria, Leire e Ines se animaron a mojarse los pies
 Los chicos antes de animarse a dar un pequeno salto al agua
 Andres e Ignacio lanzandose
 Luis, Ignacio, Andres y Nacho
 Repitieron varias veces

 Enrique tambien se animo a lanzarse al agua
 Maria y Miriam no se atrevieron a meterse en el agua
 Todos a la vez!

 Javier calentando antes de saltar
 Al agua pato! Lara fue la unica chica que se lanzo al agua
 Javier finalmente tambien se animo

 Foto de los chicos dentro del agua
Al final, tambien Leire se metio en el agua, a pesar de lo fria que estaba