miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Jorge Ramirez y Alberto Tomas escriben para el blog

After the classes we stayed at school because all the school had sports day. The school was divided in four teams (red, yellow, black and blue). Our group was in the red team with others two groups.
All the teams went to the basketball court and there we did some activities of abilities that was a mix of a sports. The teams took 10 volunteers to do the activity. It was like a race and the winner was the first team which finished first the race. We did five races and we won some of them. And after we did the last.
We went outside and we did a kind of race whose participants had to take potatoes trying to be the fastest. Unfortunately, we didn't win.
After this, we returned to home and we had dinner.
In the evening, we went with the school to Howth to do a quiz with questions about the village and we had to answer with the help of the people. When everyone finished we went back home. It was a long and tiring but very enjoyable.


Pedro Jara y Victor Garcia escriben para el blog



DunLaoghaire is a seaside city in the south of Dublin. There is a famous market and a fairground too.

 Our trip started raining but not too much. We went walking to DunLaoghaire's market. The market sold much kinds of food, souvenirs... We were there for one hour but we didn't buy anything. Then we left the market to go to the harbour. There we took some photos, we would like to visit the lighthouse but we couldn't because there were some clouds coming.

 When the rain began to fall we stayed in a hotel but it was boring.
It stopped in fourty-five minutes so we came back to the market to have lunch there. Some people bought a hamburger, other some biscuits or they drank a coffee.

 After, we arrived to a fairground where we got onto the big wheel, the views were fantastic. But we didn't have time to get into all the attraction.

 *Victor's opinion:
It was a wonderful day with a lot of experiences but we should visit more places there and stay more time at the fairground.

 *Pedro's opinion:
I think that DunLaoghaire is a good place to go to visit because it has a lot of places to see, fairground, the market and other places that are very beautiful but that we could't visit.


El dia 13 de julio martes despues de clase fuimos a ver una pelicula de cine con los estudiantes al centro de la ciudad. La mayoria de ellos vieron la pelicula de "Jurasic World" mientras que los restantes vimos la ultima pelicula de "Terminator". Debido a que no se podian hacer fotos en el cine, no tenemos fotos de este dia.
El dia 14 de julio miercoles los chicos tuvieron deportes al terminar las clases y despues de cenar fuimos por ultima vez a la disco donde lo pasamos genial y los chicos disfrutaron un monton. Cuando nos fuimos para casa sobre las 22:00 h, ninguno queria marcharse.
Aqui os dejamos algunas fotos de este dia:

Guillermo Campoy escribe para el blog


Yesterday was Sunday 12 and we all had a great time, the day start very early because we had to be at 8:45 in Killester station, we take the train and went to the city were we had to take “the Viking splash” that consist of a bus that could go into the water.
 When we arrived the bus wasn’t there so we all had to wait for until it came to a beautiful park we watched pigeons and ducks .We finally took the bus and we all had to wear a Viking helmet and shout things to the pedestrians, the driver was funny and give as very useful information of the important places in Dublin, then we arrived to a ramp that goes into the water. We dressed up with the life-jackets and went into the river, it was funny to see the bus in the river and we saw the houses that u2 use to record their music and other less interesting things as red sticks coming out from the ground (modern art).
When the Viking splash finished we started the walk to the Gaelic football match. We stopped in a street near the Spire to have a rest and something to eat. Then we started walking to Croke Park with other Spanish and Italian groups. We walked a bit and we arrived to the stadium. The match was very interesting and very rare to watch because we had never seen that sport before. Dublin scored 2-13 and Westmeath 0-06.
When the match finished we went to our own houses to prepare for a the last week in Dublin.

Aitana Gil y Andrea de la Fuente escriben para el blog

Last sunday we went to Malahide to do water sports. When we arrived they told us the rules and gave us wet suits. Most people have never dressed one so it was so difficult.
The group was divided into three small groups. We had three options that were: paddle surf, kayaking or sailing. Each group started doing one of them. I was in the group that started doing paddle surf, it was easy to be standing up but was difficult to go straight.
The second sport we did was sailing and this way very exciting but it was too cold so we didn't enjoy it very much. The last sport was kayaking and it was so funny because the teacher organized games and all people got wet. Afther that, we went in a train trip to see the Malahide Castle.
In my opinion, Saturday was the most exciting day because of all the different activities we did. I would like to repeat this day because everyone had fun.

Andrei Ivanov escribe para el blog


Last week we went to Galway. It was really amazing trip, we enjoyed it a lot. Galway (Gaillimh) is renowned for its pleasures.
Steeped in history, the city nonetheless has a very modern view. Students make up a quarter of its population, ahd there are a lot of shops in all parts of the city. We had a possibility to see The Sepanish Arch and to walk through small central streets of the city. I heard a very strange  language when I was walking. Later our group leaders explained that it was Irish language. Galway is often referred to as the 'most Irish' of Irish cities, it's the only one where you're likely to hear Irish spoken in the streets, shops and pubs. Even as it has a lot of modern things, the city respects Irish national traditions and Irish language.
Overall, we were very happy after this excursion, we could see all the beauty of south Ireland. It was very good experience for us.


lunes, 13 de julio de 2015


El domingo 12 de julio nos despertamos prontito y nos fuimos al centro de Dublin, donde teniamos una ruta turistica por la ciudad en un medio de transporte "raro" que es a la vez un autobus descapotable y un barco que se introduce por el agua. Fue una ruta interesante de aproximadamente una hora. Al terminar la actividad fuimos andando hasta el estadio Croke Park donde estuvimos disfrutando de un partido de futbol gaelico entre Dublin y Westmeath. Nuestro equipo (Dublin) gano la final y se llevo la copa. Alli pudimos ver uno de los dos deportes irlandeses mas conocidos y al mismo tiempo disfrutar del ambiente en el tercer campo mas grande de Europa. Al terminar el partido cogimos el autobus para volver a casa a cenar.