sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

Monday 10th July (Irene Lopez Romo)

Today we went to class like we usually do every day. When the classes had finished, we had lunch and later we had the activity of the day. Today we did sports, you can choose baseball, football, yoga, and other sports. Me and my friends, we played baseball in the first hour and later we went inside to talk, we spend two hours doing sports and when we finished, each one went to his house to have dinner and spend time with the family.

Clara & Irene

Later we met at the door of the park at 19:30 to go for a walk around the sea for 2 hours, in the walk we talked with our friend about our day and we took some photos for the blog. When the walk finished, we returned to our host family.

My favorite thing of this weekend was the Sunday when we went to Dun Laoghaire because there was a lot of food stalls and also there was a shop with Spanish food.  I also like Dun Laoghaire because we had lunch next to the sea and it was so beautiful.

The Final Week by Fernando Cardeña

Hi! My name is Fernando and I'm going to talk about the 3rd week of our trip. All the days of this week we had class from 9:30 to 12:45 but on Friday, we didn't have class because we went to Malahide all day.

The first day of this week, Monday, after the class we did some sports. The girls played a lots of sport like baseball, voleyball and table tennis and the boys were playing a football match against Catalonia's boys and we won the match 7-5. Then, we went back to our homes to have dinner and after the dinner, we were walking near the sea and we bought some things.

Almost everyone (Plus Martin number 22!)

On Tuesday, we went to a museum of Dublin's history (Dublinia), it has 3 levels: vikings, medievals and archaeologists and we had answered a quiz of the museum. Then, when we finished the dinner the boys and some girls went to the park and we enjoyed the swings.

On wednesday, we went to on a boat. It's a river cruise and we could see some beautiful views. In the evening, we went to the stadium to see the dog racing but the stadium was closed and the boys went to Supervalu to buy some things.

The boy and Martin (our adopted member)!

On thursday, we went to centre of Dublin because we could see a beautiful garden and then we went to an art gallery. In the evening, we were in the disco and we enjoyed a lot with the music.

On friday, we didn't have class because in the morning we went to malahide to visit a castle and then, we were in the sea to do canoeing and we enjoyed it a lot with differents games in the sea with boats. Then, we ate in the grass near the previous castle. After dinner, we went to the park with two more people from Toledo because they arrived on Thursday and they went with us to the park and we enjoyed it with them.

The best activity for me was the canoeing because we enjoyed it a lot in the water with games and we could swim and walk in the sea. I liked the football match also because football, it's my favourite sport. The bad excursion was the dog racing because the stadium was closed and I wanted to see the dog racing!

A Day in Malahide by Jesus Sanchez

Well, today we have been in Malahide castle. It's a castle of the Talbot family. One guide showed us the castle and told us about the legends of the castle. One that I really enjoyed is one called Puck and I'm going to tell you a little bit of this legend:

In the 16th century, the Talbots always have a jester. "Puck" who was one of these jesters fell in love with a kinswoman of Lady Elenora Fitzgerald, who was kept at the Castle by Henry VIII because of her rebel acts. The legend says that the Puck died because of a broken heart. Before he died he swore that he would haunt the Castle.
Malahide Castle

After visiting the castle, we went to Fingal Sailing School and we practised kayaking and paddle surf.

We also played some water games. My favourite was one called warriors, in which we tried to throw our friends from their boards. We also had a competition between us and we ran over the boards and jumped into the water. It was very entertaining and funny but the water was very cold.

The Boys!

Following on from that, we had lunch all together in front of the castle and we slept all together on the grass. We spent an hour and half there relaxing and talking between us. Then it started to rain and we went back in the dart to our houses. 

At half past seven, we met at the park to go for a walk. We played on the zip line and it was very fun. Also we recorded a video with some questions about the trip that we are doing.

Thursday 13th of July by Maria Sanchez

On Thursday we meet at the school at 09:00 with all the group, like other days, to talk about the families, houses, food... then we had classes for 09:30 to 12:45 with a break at 11:00 between them.

Then, at 12:45 we ate lunch, and after that we went to take the dart to go to the Art Galery in Dublin but we were so many groups so we had to wait in  "Jardín del Recuerdo" (the Garden of Remembrance), which was a beautiful park near the Gallery. There a teacher told us as a legend of that garden. 

The Children of Lir

The story was about one kingdom in which the queen was dead and her husband, King Lir and their children were so sad. Then Lir wanted to give his children a mother so he married Aoife, the sister of his old wife. Aoife had magical powers and she was so jealous of the children so she wanted to kill them. She went to the river with them and she transformed them into 4 beautiful swans with the condition that they had to be 900 years in 3 different lakes, they only can be human if one monk touches the ring and their heart. She told the king that one boar killed them to hide her act. But the problem was that Aoife didn't know that one of Lir's daughters can sang, so she told all the truth to her father and he condemned Aoife. Then Lir visited them a lot but when the children had to go to the second lake, they didn't see more their father. One day they went to visit him but they only see a lonely kingdom. When the swans were going to the third lake, they met the monk who can save their lives, so they heart the ring and they complete the tranformation. Finally they died and they lived in peace with their parents in the sky

At 14:30/15:00 we went to the Hugh Lane Art Gallery and we saw old pictures, they were a little strange, but we really enjoyed the place.

After that, we went shopping for 20 minutes and then we took the dart to return home, we had dinner, and then we started to prepare because at night we have disco.

We met at 19:00 at the supervalu of killester and we went walking to the disco. There we danced a lot and we had a great time.  At 21:30/22:00, Niall arrived to pick up the people who live far, and the rest went walking home.

All Style at the Disco!

We had a great time, and it's one of my favourite days!

Dublin Bay Cruise (Monica Soneira)

Wednesday 12th, this experience is standing on the edge, but it's far from over. We are starting to talk about our home and a mixture of feelings; of sadness, homesickness and anxiety is dancing in this never ending Irish rain. Although today, we were very lucky to get a sunny morning and afternoon. 

Taking the advantage of this, we went on a kind of cruise around Howth and its islands, but I won't go that quickly and start talking about what the trip by ship was like, but how we got there.

It was 12:45 a nice time to have lunch (here it is) and we were meant to leave the school at 1 o'clock, well everything right, but we are forgeting something, aren't we? Yes, lunch. Of course we tried to have lunch even though we knew it was impossible to be ready at 1 o'clock, but that is how we are. Swallowing food and choking, perfect pictured. Anyway, we left the school running and saying goodbye to Dan (Sarah's secret lover) who was going to Spain today. While we were running through the street someone shouted : "The train leaves in 6 minutes, if we miss it we are not going to be able to take the boat on time". We ran until we reached the train, were we on time? Fortunately we were. 

The train was crowded, it seemed to be no empty seats, but we managed to find some. It's amazing to be in the train, look through the window and see the monumental sea expands through the whole place , and it is even much more amazing for people who can't see the sea very often because they live in a city with nothing but a polluted river (like us).

We arrived to Howth and we had lunch sat on the green grass with the sun shining and a clear blue sky above us. At 14:00, we took the boat to go on the tour throughout the islands and those landscapes were some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The sun was reflected on the sea and sometimes some seals broke the surface and jumped so we could take photos. The first island we saw was the Ireland's Eye which was quite similar to the one in Wii Sport Resorts and in which there were a lot of seagulls flying crazily. The second one, was the Lamby Island, very interesting as well. It's the largest one. 

Ines, Celia & Monica enjoying the views

When the tour was finished some of us decided to have a typical 99 ice cream while others prefered to have some fish and chips. After all the food was eaten and all the seals went to sleep, we came back home.

Host Families and English Classes (Maria Cañadilla)

We have already finished the trip after 3 weeks. We have had exciting weeks together with families and people from other countries, all learning English. The families in general have been very good since every day they prepared the food for us to take it to school and they always made us dinner. They are very friendly, fun and affectionate. And they always tried to talk to us so we can express ourselves better in English.

After school we have become very good friends, since in the classes there are people from all over the world, and together we learn English. These classes are very fun, because we play games and at the same time we learn and study. The teachers are great at teaching and are very loving. They prepare a party every Thursday night called "disco" where we can make more friends there. The school is super well-ordered, and the activities and classes as well.

Our group of Spaniards have been together every day, we are a big group but we get along well, and we have had fun times and we would repeat it a thousand times!

All of us!

Malahide Castle & Fingal Sailing Club